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Dear Students, 

Please note that Brooklyn College has changed their policy regarding graduate courses.  In order for a course to run for Brooklyn College Graduate credit we must have 5 registered graduate students.  They are inflexible with this policy.  Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding registration.  Beginning March 1, 2010 we will be forced to cancel the graduate portion of any course that does not have 5 pre-registered students two weeks prior to the start date.  Please understand that assuming we have 5 pre-registered students on the roster and one cancels last minute or does not show the course will not run for Graduate credit.  Unfortunately we do not have the ability to control this situation to some extent and we apologize.  We have always tried to be flexible and this new policy does not allow us to continue to be so.  We understand Brooklyn College's position and I hope you understand ours.  We are able to maintain certain flexibilities regarding smaller courses involving in-service credit.   

Please know that we care deeply for our students and regret any inconvenience this new policy causes you.


The Long Island Institute