Spring 2023 Session

SPRING 2023 DATES: 1/9/23 – 6/25/23

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Session I 1/9 – 2/9/23

Session II 1/12 – 2/12/23

Session III 1/16 – 2/16/23

Session IV 1/18 – 2/18/23

Session V 1/20 – 2/20/23

Session VI 1/23 – 2/23/23

Session VIA 1/26 – 2/26/23

Session VII 1/30 – 3/1/23

Session VIIA 2/2 – 3/2/2023

Session VIII 2/6 – 3/6/23

Session VIIIA 2/8 – 3/8/23

Session IX 2/10 – 3/10/23

Session IXA 2/13 – 3/13/23

Session IXA 2/16 – 3/16/23

Session X 2/20 – 3/20/23

Session XA 2/24 – 3/24/23

Session XI 3/1- 4/1/23 Session XIA 3/3 – 4/3/23 Session XII 3/6 – 4/6/23 Session XIIA 3/9 – 4/9/23 Session XIII 3/13 – 4/13/23 Session XIIIA 3/15 – 4/15/23 Session XIV 3/20 – 4/20/23 Session XIVA 3/23 – 4/23/23 Session XV 3/27 – 4/27/23 Session XVA 3/30 – 4/30/23 Session XVI 4/3 – 5/3/23 Session XVII 4/6 – 5/6/23 Session XVIIA 4/10 – 5/10/23 Session XVIII 4/14 – 5/14/23 Session XVIIIA 4/17 – 5/17/23 Session XIX 4/20 – 5/20/23 Session XIXA 4/24 – 5/24/23

Session XX 4/28 – 5/28/23

Sesssion XXI 5/1 – 6/1/23

Session XXIA 5/5 – 6/5/23

Session XXII 5/8 – 6/8/23

Session XXIIA 5/11 – 6/11/23

Session XXIII 5/15- 6/15/23

Session XXIV 5/18 – 6/18/23

Session XXIVA 5/22 – 6/22/23

Session XXV 5/25 – 6/25/23

Session XXVA 5/29 – 6/29/23 *

Session XXVI 6/1 – 7/1/23 *

Session XXVII 6/5 – 7/5/2023 *

Session XXVIII 6/8 – 7/8/23*

Session XXIX 6/12 – 7/12/23 *

Session XXX 6/15 – 7/15/23 *

Session XXXI 6/19 – 7/19/23 *

* note ends during Summer but Spring Session


Session 1 1/16 – 1/30/23

Session 2 2/6 – 2/20/23

Session 3 3/6 – 3/20/23

Session 4 3/20 – 4/3/23

Session 5 4/3 – 4/17/23

Session 6 4/17 – 5/1/23

Session 7 5/8 – 5/22/23

Session 8 5/15 – 5/29/23

Session 9 6/5 – 6/19/23


Session A 1/9 – 1/13/23

Session B 2/20- 2/24/23

Session C 3/6 – 3/10/23

Session D 3/20 – 3/24/23

Session E 4/3 – 4/7/23

Session F 4/10 – 4/14/23

Session G 5/1 – 5/5/23

Session H 5/15 – 5/19/23

Session I 5/29 – 6/2/23

Session J 6/5 – 6/9/23

Session K 6/12 – 6/16/23

Session L 6/19 – 6/23/23

Spring 2023 In-Person In-Service Courses

Strategies for Squashing School Violence

*New Class – Winter 2023* 

(3 credits/45 hours) – In-service credits 

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia – gaylelumia@yahoo.com 

Location: East Meadow

Dates: January 3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,17 – 4:15 pm – 8:45 pm 

Course Description: This course will provide an investigative stance on the topic of school violence and the ways in which educators, counselors, nurses, psychologists, and administrators can guide students to prevention. Educators will uncover the ways in which students can contribute to a healthy school environment free of bullying, student conflict, and dissention. Participants will evaluate their own classroom safety procedures, their abilities to intervene when necessary, and learn how they can play an active role in mitigating violence before it occurs. ** A must for K-12 educators**  

Creating Meaningful Student Experiences

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

Location: Mt Sinai

Course Description:

This course is designed to arm educators of all subject areas and levels to bring meaning to your classroom.  Meaningful hands-on lessons will be discussed.  Interactive conversation topics, brain games, puzzles and comics will also be shared.  These types of activities will get the discussions started and your students’ minds working overtime.  So, create meaning for your students every day by creating experiences for them.

This course is a must for educators grades K-12.

3 Credits In service Course (45 Hours)

Winter 2023     January: 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19.

*Also offered as an online class.

Engaging Learners in Your Classroom

(3 credits/45 hours) in service credit only

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

Location: Mt Sinai


February 2023: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15.

This course will work with educators to help engage your students in learning.  When students tune out, teachers need to be armed with the tools to keep their classes engaged and ready to learn.  This course will share techniques and a plethora of strategies to keep your students ready to focus and learn.  A must for all educators of all levels grades K-12.

*Also offered as an online class.

The Creative Classroom

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

A creative classroom will help to develop a creative student.  This course will explore how educators can work towards turning their classroom into a room where students want to learn.  Students will thrive and learn with fun, exciting and higher thinking skills and lessons.  Educators will share creative techniques while working towards fostering student success.  This course is a must for all educators grades K-12.

Location: Mt Sinai

February Break 2023

Dates: February 20th-24th, 2023

*Also offered as an online class.

Why Are American Teens so Sad- A Teacher’s Perspective?

**New Class – February Break** 

(3 credits/45 hours)- In service credits 

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia – gaylelumia@yahoo.com 

Location: East Meadow

Dates – February 20,21,22,23,24 – 8 am- 5pm 

Course Description: The rising rates of depression among young people are increasing. Mental-health crises are ubiquitous amongst teenagers, particularly post-pandemic as suicide contemplation increased and persistent feelings of hopelessness are on the rise. This course will investigate the reasons behind teen angst and the ways in which their sadness impacts the classroom. Participants will develop strategies that conquer and combat these issues and instruct their students to persevere as they utilize a myriad of coping mechanisms available in the course. Lessons that combat depression utilizing texts and articles will be centered on. *A must for K-12 educators!!* 

Next Generation Learning: How to teach your Students to be Self–Directed Learners

March 2023: 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21.

Location: Mt Sinai

(3 Credits/45 Hours) in-service credit

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

Course Description:

Since we know education moves in cycles, we see Common Core moving out, and Next Generation moving in. As always our roles as teachers need to ebb and flow as well.  This course will describe just what we need to achieve a greater understanding of the Next Generation Standards.  We will discuss how to move forward in our curriculum with our students in our classrooms today.  This course will provide you with the knowledge to be more of a facilitator in your classroom as you coach your students and as they become more active in their own learning. Educators will explore how to promote and encourage self-directed learning in your classroom, while also creating a learning environment that encourages collaboration. Teachers will discuss how to help your students manage their own learning, and inspire their thinking skills. These skills will help them thrive in their daily lives both inside and outside of the classroom.

This course is a must for all teachers of all disciplines K-12.

*Also offered as an online class.

Highly Effective Teaching

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

Educators will learn through this course effective teaching methods, Next Generation teaching strategies, and much more.  Teachers will examine best practices for instruction to hone your skills on highly effective teaching.  Participants will see how to transform your students into becoming more college and career ready individuals.  Teachers will study methods on how to create high performing classrooms.  In this course educators will “learn from doing” in the same manner to be expected of your own students.  This course shows educators how to create innovative but easy to implement, project-based learning units that work.  This course is a must for teachers of grades K-12.

3 Credits – In-service Course (45 Hours)

Location: Mt Sinai

Spring 2023     Dates: April 2023: 3, 4, 5, 17, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26.

*Also offered as an online class.

An unequal pandemic- analyzing the consequences of the virus on society

**New class – April break** 

(3 credits/45 hours) – In-service credits 

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia- gaylelumia@yahoo.com 

Location: East Meadow

Dates: April 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 th– 8am-5pm 

Course Description: This course will analyze the disparities prevalent in society since the onset of the pandemic and the ways in which educators can assist students via effective teaching strategies. Inequalities include surges in vehicle crashes, learning, racial, and economic divides. Participants will gauge how these disparities hinder students’ growth and learn how to inculcate a wealth of strategies in their repertoire of learning in order to counteract this includingnarrative writing, non-fiction and fiction analysis, scientific data, historical perspectives. *A must for K-12 educators**

What Great Teachers Do

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

This course discovers the specific things that great teachers do.  What makes them effective?  What are their strategies?  What are their skills, and how do they promote academic excellence?  In this course we will explore the beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, and interactions that form the fabric in the best classrooms and schools.  This course is a must for all educators grades K-12.

3 Credits In service (45 hours)

Location: Mt Sinai

April Break 2023     Dates:  April  10-14

*Also offered as an online class.

The Science of Learning

Spring 2023

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

(3 Credits/45 Hours) in service credit only

Location: Mt Sinai

Dates: May 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17.

Many educators try to understand the “science of learning” and how to put these principles into practice in their classroom daily.

The science of learning simply means how to read, write, and what has been scientifically proven to work well. This online course provides teachers with the tools to approach reading and writing instruction using best practices.  Educators will put several areas of focus together (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and writing skills), in order to help their students become successful readers and writers.  Teachers will explore research-based information and support for each component of reading and writing as backed by science. Educators will also be introduced to a variety of best practices, and will add many tools to their already-existing expertise of strategies to help students who struggle in any areas of reading and writing. This course is a must for educators of grades K-12. 

*Also offered as an online class.

Beyond Poverty – Changing Society’s Attitude towards Our Children in Need

New Class!!

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia – gaylelumia@yahoo.com

3 Credits (45 Hours) In-Service Credit Only

East Meadow Location

Spring 2023

Dates:  June 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,12,13,14 – 4:15-8:45 pm

Course Description: On a daily basis, teachers must deal with issues surrounding poverty and pedagogy. Many of our students confront a wide array of issues and arrive at school unprepared for the day ahead. A wealth of misconceptions arises as well, some of which tend to stifle our learners and disallow for success. In this course, teachers will learn how to recognize the root of these misconceptions, produce experiential and critical thinking activities for their learners, as well as develop lessons on equity and justice, all of which promote changes in attitude and empathy for all learners. A must for all K-12 educators in all disciplines!!!!

Time Management Strategies for All Educators

Spring 2023

Instructor: Kim Kittredge     Kcsunshine1969@yahoo.com

(3 Credits/45 Hours) in service credit only

Location: Mt Sinai

Dates: June 5, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20.

As an educator, do you ever feel that you just don’t have enough time in the day to get all your things done? Do you feel like you just don’t want to take your paperwork and grading home? Well, this course is designed to help educators with proper time management strategies.  Tips from planning lessons, to contacting parents, to grading will be discussed.  Together we will examine how to prioritize your tasks, use your time more effectively, and stop procrastinating! You’ll also learn how to teach your students the skills to do it as well.  Teachers will discuss the importance of time management skills and planning, and how this is a skill we will use for life.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12.

*Also offered as an online class.