Eric Shabronsky, LMSW

Eric Shabronsky, LMSW
Licensed NYS Social Worker

My name is Eric Shabronsky, I am a NYS licensed School Social Worker and I have been practicing social work since 1995, I have a BA degree from Adelphi University and a Master of Social Work from Yeshiva University New York. I have experience working with families and youth in the areas of foster care, case management and in-patient hospital settings. I am currently a social worker for students with developmental disabilities and have been working with this student population and their families since 1998.

Parents, families and school staff have reached out to me for information regarding human and physical development, body awareness and related behaviors. I created the course Introduction to Sexuality for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities to share some of the information I have accumulated over the years.

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PlaceholderIntroduction to Sexuality and Development for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities
As a parent, teacher or caregiver, the subject of sexual development and sexuality in children, adolescents and teens will eventually become a reality to deal with. As human beings we are all sexual beings with physical and emotional needs. These feelings begin from the day we are born. Sexuality includes self-image and self worth, interpersonal relationships, emotional and physical needs. Regardless of ability or disability, sexuality is a natural part of being human. As a parent, teacher or caregiver, it is our responsibility to teach those in our care the responsibilities and consequences of various behaviors related to sexuality. Teaching takes on many variables that determine how and what we teach. We must take into account; family and religious beliefs, cultural factors, developmental abilities and disabilities, and society norms. In this course we will explore sexual development and it’s effects on emotions and physical behavior in the student population beginning from birth to young adult. The course will address human development and sexuality with a focus on students with developmental disabilities. Finally, when caring for or working with children and/or students, you must be aware of the child’s readiness to be able to learn about such subjects. In addition, any teaching must be done in conjunction with parental knowledge and consent. One must also use discretion to determine what is appropriate for that child based on their age and maturity level. This course is intended to offer information, it is not intended to be used as a lesson plan or behavioral intervention plan. Parents and teachers should consult with their helping professionals, and other family supports when addressing sexuality with their children and/or students. ON-LINE (3 Credits – 45 Hours) In-service Credit only
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