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team, group, peopleHow to Help Middle School Students to Develop Crucial Skills for Learning


The middle school during “normal” times is already a challenge to both the teacher as well as the students. Throw in the events caused by the pandemic and all schools went through varying degrees of problems. With the current situation with the different types of change taking place, between Hybrid, remote, and full Distance Learning, it is understandable that there are going to be rough waters for many students.
Course Objectives:
1. Participants will learn to understand the issues the middle schoolers go through.
2. Participants will learn to work to reach their students.
3. Participants will help to develop crucial skills needed to progress and grow.
4. Participants will understand the issues brought on by the pandemic.
5. Participants will understand the creative ways they can teach their students.
This course is pointed at the Middle Schools but can be adapted to apply in any situations or grade levels but is primarily the grades 6-8 group. It is because of the age level and all the other specific changes that are taking place with the students socially, emotionally, and physically.

ON-LINE (3 Credits/45 Hours) In-Service Credit Hours

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