10 Techniques to Combat Bullying


*New Course Summer 2021

*ONLINE due to Covid-19 

Mt Sinai Congregational Church 

Dates:  July 6,7,8,13,14,15, 20,21,22, 26 (5:15 – 9:45pm)

Course Description:

Bullying is a pervasive issue from grade school to the workplace. It often goes unnoticed and can lead to numerous social and emotional issues in life for both children and adults. In this course we will look at the issue from multiple perspectives, including understanding causes of the behavior, the different types of bullying, ways to combat it as well as the impact it can have if left unchecked. This class is a must for K-12 classroom teachers in order to tackle one of the most prominent issues in our classrooms.

(3 credits/45 hours) in-service credit only

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(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Eric Stolfa