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All about: Social Emotional Learning (SEL) School-wide Engagement Activities

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Instructor: Randi Miller

Course Description:

School-wide and Classroom Practices is an integral component of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. A part of SEL is the process of helping educators build their expertise and skills to lead their schools social and emotional learning initiatives regardless of their role in the building/district. One of the many components of SEL is cultivating adults’ own social and emotional competencies.

When educators embody the same practices that they hope to teach their students, the outcomes for learners are maximized. Developing school-wide engagement activities for SEL provides opportunities for staff and students to engage in team building and learning activities that focus on this common goal. The development and implementation of school-wide activities creates teachable moments while reinforcing the core SEL components.

This course is relevant to all who work in schools with children ages 5-21 in both regular and special education settings. This course has been designed for all school administrators, regular and special education teachers (grades K-12 and ages 5 to 21),special area teachers (gym, art, music, technology) school psychologists, school counselors, guidance counselors, social workers, speech and language therapists or speech pathologists and occupational or physical therapists


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Randi B. Miller