Request a Certificate(s) PDF(s)

All certificates are emailed as PDF’s automatically upon notice of course completion to our office.  They typically go out within 24 hours of notice of completion.  We have a dedicated certificate associate.
Please make sure your tuition is paid in full through the LIIPS website or office ONLY.  Never pay Instructors. 
To request an additional PDF(S) or if you are missing a PDF(S) do not contact your Instructor!!!!  They do not handle certificates.  They manage your course work and grade your work.
Send an email to and include:
Subject line:  PDF(S) Request 
Your Full Name
Full title of certificate(s) needed
Session attended (semester, year)
Date tuition paid 
Date course completed
We can verify all of your information in our system and your student record and quickly re-issue or alert you to issues.   Often there is a reason if you haven’t received your PDF prompty.
If you have pressing deadlines you can also send an email requesting immediate attention to your completion so we are aware … once again include all information.
If you need PDF’s sent directly to your school you can submit the same request and include the school district contact and email.  Brentwood School District requires us to send all PDF’s directly to them from our office.  We will cc you when the PDF(S) are sent.
If you need a hard copy you can request it here:
You a can always call or text 516-524-8981 with questions.   But this procedure MUST be strictly followed.