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Approaches to Reading Fluency Instruction

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“Fluency is the ability, to read smoothly, easily, and readily with freedom from word recognition problems. Fluency provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension. It is not a stage of development at which readers can read all words quickly and easily. Fluency changes, depending on what readers are reading, their familiarity with the words, and the amount of their practice with reading text.”
—National Institute for Literacy (NIFL)
Fluent reading is a sign of a proficient reader and is a major goal of literacy instruction. When readers are fluent, they are free from word recognition challenges and are able to fully focus on meaning and comprehension.
This course will explain fluency and the components of fluent reading in depth. Educators will learn key fluency terms including: phrasing, intonation, automaticity, and expression. Participants will learn how fluency develops and various methods/tools to assess/measure fluency. In addition, educators will research successful instructional strategies to implement within his/her own classroom. Teacher will gather many fluency lesson plans for immediate use with students. A must for all educators!!

ON-LINE (3 credits/45 hours) in-service credit only


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Rose Marino-Foster