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Collaboration is the Key

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Course #E6720
This is an easy to navigate and self paced video course. You can watch or listen to it in your car, at home, on your TV, or on your phone at your own leisure. Embedded in this video are several short assignments that participants complete. Self pacing, an engaging format, and a meaningful topic  are what make this course special. 
3 credits/45 hours
Instructor:  Dr Chris Korolczuk
Course description:

Do you work with colleagues, administrators or families that are challenging to collaborate with? Does it ever seem like there are breakdowns in communication? Working collaboratively with adults and having strong communication is essential when working  in education. Successful communication and collaboration is also vital for career longevity and well-being. In this course we explore the basic dynamics of communication, interpersonal conflict, and having difficult conversations that most people are not comfortable with, yet are necessary to have. 


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Chris Korolczuk