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Discussing Politics in the Classroom: What Can and Can’t Teachers Say?

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An educator’s words have the tremendous power to influence students’ beliefs. When discussions about politics, race, sexual orientation, religion, class, or any other controversial issue come up in the classroom, it is critical for teachers to tread the fine line between merely sharing their personal views and teaching facts. Educators must remain objective in their teachings to ensure a safe learning environment for students. This course offers thoughtful views to help protect the teacher and the school district. We will discuss neutrality, how to engage in appropriate conversations, social media/politics, freedom of speech and what exactly that means for a teacher, and steps to safely discuss politics within the classroom. This class is suitable for all k-12 educators and service providers.

ON-LINE (3 Credits / 45 hours) in-service credit only



(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Laurie Thode