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Reading and Writing in the Content Areas

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“Every teacher is a teacher of reading”. Reading and writing are the backbones of education today. Students are required to read and write in all of their subject areas as well as employ their reading and writing skills to meet NYS standardized test requirements. To ensure that students perform well on these exams, to promote lifelong readers and writers, we as educators need to enhance student interest, vision, and comprehension in these areas.
In this course, you will learn carefully crafted reading and writing techniques that could be incorporated into any discipline. Lessons and graphic organizers for mathematics, social studies, science, health, art, physical education, career skills, and English language learners will be covered, as well as scaffolding techniques for immediate use in the classroom.
The course will focus on creative ways to implement reading and writing into your curriculum. You will walk away with a multitude of ideas and strategies to immerse your students with. Particular focus will be on read alouds, double-entry journals, literature circles, partnered reading and writing, vocabulary splashes, memo writes, and on-demand task writing activities.
In the end, teachers and students alike will be refreshed. Everyone will be a lifelong reader and writer, and will see reading as a pathway to success. A must for all elementary and secondary educators!!!!! All work must be submitted no later than October 29th, 2010.

ON-LINE (3 credits/45 hours) in-service credit only


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Gayle Meinkes-Lumia