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Social Media in Education


With the advent of social networking and social media platforms, billions of people are now connected and communicating all over the world. As educators, we are teaching students of the digital age, who utilize social media for all aspects of life. This course will examine the use of social media in schools and the impact social media has had on youth. Participants will debate the benefits as well as the risks associated with social media usage. Cyberbullying will be examined in this class, including prevention and response strategies for educators. In addition, this class will provide information on cyber safety education to help students become “CyberSmart.” During this class, participants will have the opportunity to research social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, Linkedin, and pinterest in order to enhance instruction and learning, improve parent-teacher communication, for professional development, and much more!

ONLINE COURSE (3credits/45hours) In-service credit only



(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Rose Marino-Foster