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ABC’s of Managing Stress for Student Success

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Most students feel stressed at times in class, but some might be more vulnerable to stress than others. When stress builds up to severe levels for a child, they may be at risk to develop toxic stress—which can have lasting effects on their social-emotional, behavioral, and physical health. If you can recognize signs of stress in your students, you can provide them with support to help them manage it before it overwhelms them. It will cover an array of topics such as recognizing symptoms of stress, possible reasons for school related stress, stress management techniques, meditation, truancy/suspensions, trauma, and also distinguishing between good vs. bad stress. This class is created for any educator or service provider. Suggested for all Educators K-12.

ON-LINE (3 Credits / 45 hours) In-service Credit only



(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Laurie Thode