Facilitating Classroom Discussions in the Common Core World


*New Class Spring 2020

Participants in the course will learn how to implement all facets of effective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques to help your students create an environment of trust and responsibility. Educators will learn how to encourage, redirect, engage, and challenge students in successful discussions that will enhance student learning. Educators will be able to apply these strategies to all grade levels and content areas. Participants will gain a clear understanding of where to begin with discussions in your classroom, and see where it will lead you. This course is designed to enable educators K-12 to understand the relationship that discussion plays in our Common Core Learning Standards and effectively help your students meet them. Great for all educators K-12!

On-Line 3 credits (45 hours) In-service credit


3 Credits / 45 Hours


in-service credit only


Kim Kittredge