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Implicit Bias in Education


*New Course

Dates: February Break 2024, February 19th-23rd

Course Description:

Implicit bias refers to unconscious attitudes, reactions, stereotypes, and categories that affect behavior and understanding.  In education, implicit bias often refers to unconscious racial and socioeconomic bias toward students.  This course will explore what implicit bias is, and how we as educators can reduce the effects of it in our schools.  We will discuss the consequences of implicit bias and how it affects individuals in different ways.  Educators will discover the roots of implicit bias and participants will discuss how to move away from theses attitudes and stereotypes.  Teachers will also discuss that with understanding and attitude change comes improved behaviors.  Implicit bias scenarios will be posed for deep discussion.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12.

Instructor:  Kim Kittredge

3 credits – In service Course (45 Hours); online or in-person


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Kim Kittredge