Literacy and Comprehension in Schools


New Course Spring 2022

Kim Kittredge

3 Credits (45 hours)  In-service course

April Break 2022: 18th-22nd 8am – 5pm

Mt Sinai Congregational Church 

This course will examine how we as educators work on literacy, literacy programs, and literacy techniques with our students.  Educators will develop classroom literacy and comprehension programs to work with the population of students you have in your classrooms.  Participants will learn effective and strategic literacy methods such as fluency and phonics, and will transform your classroom within a matter of weeks.  A classroom where comprehension builds literacy perfection, is one that any educator strivers for. This course is a must for teachers of grades K-12 of all levels.



(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


in-service credit only


Kim Kittredge