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My Environment, My School: Think Green, Act Green!

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August 5th – August 9th 2024

Summer 2024

Ways to save the environment are all around us. So, how do we share this with our students, our classroom, our school community? This course is designed to offer educators insight into creating the most environmentally friendly spaces. Educators will be offered strategies for their classrooms and lessons for their students to help them be more environmentally conscious. Teachers will be able to make healthier choices for their students, their classrooms, and school community which will help them and our planet. This course will analyze the effect of the daily choices we make, technological advances, gardening energy consumption, global warming and the effect of pollution and agriculture. Students will examine these choices and their effects on our worldwide ecosystem. Additionally, students will be asked to examine their own behaviors and actions and find a way to make better choices for themselves, their school community and their world.

This course is a must for all educators of all grades K-12.


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Kim Kittredge