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The Psychology Behind Teaching – Teaching Stories

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It is a gift to recognize the intelligence, heart, and soul of a young person, and be able to teach to that with precision and split-second sensitivity. It is a further talent to be able to move about the room without condescension or evasion and with commitment to the growth and development of each student in your care. Honing in on the needs that we, as educators and students have, are all valid concerns that consume many of us on a daily basis. During the course of this class, be prepared to research and share your frank, funny, poignant, and disturbing scenes from your classroom that have helped you move ahead and insure success for your students. Be ready to enable and empower your classes with cooperative learning ideas, alternative assessment documents, literature-based instruction, hands-on math and science lessons, etc… All done while empowering you as the fearless leader! (A must for K-12 educators)

ON-LINE (3 credits/45 hours) in-service credit only


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Gayle Meinkes-Lumia