All Behavior is Functional: functions of behavior and how to increase participation and manage misbehavior





Instructor:  Randi Miller
Course Description:

Approximately 10 percent of the school population (or 9-13 million children) struggle with and demonstrate behaviors associated with mental health problems, ASD, developmental and learning disabilities. Additionally, on the rise, are students who struggle day to day from the effects of trauma or bullying. In the classroom, children with behavioral challenges and acting out behavior, are disruptive in the classroom, fall behind academically or never master the skills they need to make adequate progress.

This course has been developed to provide educators in and out of the classroom with content knowledge on principles of behavior, the functions of behavior and will provide the participants with a set of skills they can use to identify what a student is getting from his/her behavior and how to best manage and prevent ongoing incidents in/out of the classroom. Applicable all Educators and staff K-12.


(3 credits/45 hours) Graduate credits only


Randi B. Miller