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Soar to New Heights in Learning – Teaching Special Needs Students

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Students with special needs dominate all classrooms today. Teachers must learn to successfully connect with all types of learners, ranging from those with emotional needs to those with gifted needs. With a wide variety of resources, teachers can effectively master the success of all.

Within this course, participants will soar to new heights within their classrooms. They will:

· learn the difference between the various learners in their classroom

· comprehend the various learning styles that these respective individuals need

· hone in on the vocabulary of special needs’ assessment

· challenge their students and themselves to a myriad of fiction and non-fiction topics in terms of special needs

· comprehend various analytical skills and higher-order thinking skills that students need for success

Overall, teachers will walk away with the tools they need for success.
*A must for all educators!

ON-LINE (3 credits/45 hours) in-service credit only


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Gayle Meinkes-Lumia