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Teaching To the Test in Other Languages: How to Support ELLs to be Successful on the NYS ELA Regents Exam

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By Janna Florio

3 credits / 45 hours – In-Service Credit


In New York State, in addition to their coursework, students must pass five Regents Examinations to fulfill graduation requirements. These standardized tests are meant to measure a students’ successful acquisition of skills and knowledge in specific subject areas, and include assessments in mathematics, science, history, and English Language Arts. Though accommodations are provided to students with unique needs and circumstances, including those with IEPs and English Language Learners, the students in the latter group may find these supports do little to bridge the gap when it comes to one exam in particular: the ELA. Educators feel equal frustrations when charged with the task of preparing ELLs for this test. This course is designed to provide instructors with strategies, tools, and resources that may assist them in supporting ENL students in their ELA classrooms, and, more specifically, help them guide these ELLs to be successful on the ELA Regents Exam. Applicable to High School ELA Teachers/ENL Teachers & Department Coordinators/Chairs


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Janna Florio