Annie Warren

Hello! My name is Annie Warren and I am a Special Education teacher at Woodmere Middle School. Professionally, I am continually focused on meeting all learners’ needs and making learning accessible and engaging. My creative spirit, knowledge of technology, and interest in teaching and learning have brought me to LIIPS.

I am passion-focused and love new adventures. Whether traveling the globe, hiking, or trying new foods, I am always open to exploring something new. My best adventure yet has been raising my two incredible boys, who have taught me more about the world than any trip or experience ever will!

Check out my course offerings:

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student, woman, startup-849821.jpgTechnology Tools for the Inclusive Classroom
(3 credits/45 hours) In-servicd course only Course Description In this course, participants will learn how to best address the variety of student needs that they have in the classroom. Teachers will learn how to implement technology as an avenue that unlocks students’ potential across multiple disciplines and grade levels. Teachers will use technology to differentiate instruction, motivate student interest, address challenges and roadblocks, and support students in meeting their full potential. While engaged with 21st-century skills, participants will gain the tools necessary to better connect students to the curriculum through fun and engaging technology tools. *All participants must have an active Google account to access course materials.
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