Melissa Wickers

Hello! My name is Melissa and with five years of experience in education, I have dedicated myself to fostering inclusive and supportive learning environments. Currently, I serve as a special education teacher in a fourth-grade classroom with an Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) model. In this role, I collaborate closely with general education teachers to ensure that all students, regardless of their learning needs, have access to quality education. My journey into special education has taught me invaluable lessons about the diverse needs of learners. I firmly believe that understanding and implementing principles of special education isn’t just essential for specialized educators; it’s crucial for all teachers. By embracing inclusive practices and learning about different learning styles and abilities, teachers can create classrooms where every student feels valued and supported.

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(Online, In-Service, 3 credits) Instructor: Melissa Wickers Course Description: This course is designed to enhance educators’ understanding and implementation of effective strategies and practices in special education. Through a combination of readings, multimedia resources, and written reflections, participants will explore various aspects of special education and develop practical skills to support diverse learners in inclusive settings. Course Objectives: 1. To deepen understanding of special education laws, policies, and frameworks. 2. To explore evidence-based practices for supporting students with diverse learning needs. 3. To develop skills in creating inclusive learning environments. 4. To reflect on personal beliefs and biases related to special education. 5. To enhance collaboration with families, colleagues, and other stakeholders in the special education process.
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