10 Ways Teachers Can Instill a Growth Mindset in Students

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Growth mindset is an uncharted territory in many educational settings, but understanding it and effectively building it in students should be a priority. It’s clear why this pedagogy focuses on helping students understand the values of effort, persistence and trying new learning methods to cultivate their talents and abilities. Within this course, you will learn how to instill a growth mindset in your students. This course that will give educators a solid foundation in this theory and practice. It includes tools and resources that teachers can use within their classrooms to develop a growth mindset culture. We will discuss what a growth mindset in depth, learn how to praise intelligence, use diverse teaching strategies within our lessons, teach the underlining values of fixed mindset challenges, help students see the purposes  of abstract skills and concepts of improving their mindset, supporting students in changing their fixed mindset language. This course is for all K-12 teachers and all related professionals.


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only