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Activities That Teach


3 credits/45 hours In service only

Bryan Horrman

Course Description:

Have you ever asked yourself, “Which is more important, to have students learn the outcomes of previous reasoning or to have students learn the skills to conduct their own research?” Much of teaching that we do today is outcome based, which has manifested itself in multiple choice exams. While testing is important, there needs to be a balance by teaching students the process by which they arrive at answers. This class will explore the use of active learning inside of your classroom where students can be directly involved in their own education.

Goal of the Course:

The goal of this course to collaborate with other teachers and create a plethora of resources that can be used inside of the classroom. This course will help create a positive environment and encourage students to retain information in an active way.

Learning Outcomes:

• Opportunities to process course material through thinking, writing, talking, and problem solving give students multiple avenues for learning.
• Applying new knowledge helps students encode information, concepts, and skills in their memories by connecting it with prior information, organizing knowledge, and strengthening neural pathways
• Receiving frequent and immediate feedback helps students correct misconceptions and develop a deeper understanding of course material
• Working on activities helps create personal connections with the material, which increases students’ motivation to learn
• Regular interaction with the instructor and peers around shared activities and goals helps create a sense of community in the classroom
• Instructors may gain more insight into student thinking by observing and talking with students as they work
• Knowing how students understand the material helps instructors target their teaching in future lessons

(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Bryan Horrmann