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900 Shows a Year – Snapshots of Teaching

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From the very moment that we enter the classroom, we create an image of ourselves. First impressions are everything in September. Our body language, behavior, and diction can be the be all, end all of our reputation. Educators really are actors in disguise, putting on five shows a day; 900 shows a year. What is a weary pedagogue to do?
Within this course, teachers will:
• Examine the various roles that they play in the classroom
• Learn how to develop material for every day class discussion and performance
• Learn about power, politics, and methodology in the classroom
• Reflect upon their teaching styles and learning execution
• Challenge themselves in their daily repertoires
• Create lessons that challenge their learners
Overall, the participants’ classroom will definitely be enhanced through this course.

ON-LINE (3 credits/45 hours) In-Service Credit only


(3 credits/45 hours) In-serivce credits only


Gayle Meinkes-Lumia