Summer 2023 Session

SUMMER 2023 DATES:  6/26/23 – 9/10/23

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Session I    6/26 – 7/26/2023

Session II    6/29 – 7/29/23

Session III   7/3 – 8/3/23

Session IV    7/5 – 8/5/23

Session V    7/7 – 8/7/23

Session VI    7/10 – 8/10/23

Session VII    7/12 – 8/12/23

Session VIII   7/15 – 8/15/23

Session IX    7/17 – 8/17/23

Session X    7/19 – 8/19/23


Session X    7/19 – 8/19/23

Session XI    7/22 – 8/22/23

Session XII    7/24 – 8/24/23

Session XIII    7/27 – 8/27/23

Session XIV    7/29 – 8/29/23

Session XV    7/31 – 8/31/23

Session XVI    8/3 – 9/3/23

Session XVII    8/7 – 9/7/23

Session XVIII    8/9 – 9/9/23    

Session XIX    8/14 – 9/14/23     ** Summer class but last day ends in Fall session


Session XX    8/17 – 9/17/23    * Summer class but last day ends in Fall session

Session XXI    8/21 – 9/21/23    * Summer class but last day ends in Fall session

Session XXII    8/23 – 9/23/23 * Summer class but last day ends in Fall session

Session XXIII    8/25 – 9/25/23 * Summer class but last day ends in Fall Session

Session XIX    8/28 – 9/28/23 * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session

Session XX    8/30 – 9/30/23    * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session

Session XXI    9/4 – 10/4/23    * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session

Session XXII 9/7 – 10/7/23 * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session 


Session A    6/26 – 7/26/2023

Session B    7/3 – 8/3/23

Session C    7/10 – 7/14/23

Session D    7/17 – 7/21/23

Session E    7/24 – 7/28/23

Session F    7/31 – 8/4/23

Session G    8/7 – 8/11/23

Session H   8/14 – 8/18/23

Session I    8/21 – 8/25/23

Session J    8/28 – 9/1/23

Session K    9/4 – 9/8/23


Session 1    6/26 – 7/7/23

Session 2    7/5 – 7/19/23

Session 3    7/10 – 7/24/23

Session 4    7/13 – 7/27/23

Session 5    7/17 – 7/31/23

Session 6    7/24 – 8/7/23

Session 7    7/31 – 8/14/23    

Session 8 8/7 – 8/21/23
Session 9 8/14 – 8/28/23
Session 10 8/21 – 9/4/23
Session 11 8/24 – 9/7/23
Session 12 8/28 – 9/11/23    * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session 
Session 13 8/30 – 9/13/23  * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session 
Session 14 9/4 – 9/18/23         * Summer but last day ends in Fall Session 

Writing the Perfect Lesson Plan

Summer 2023     Dates: June 26-30

3 Credits – In service Course (45 Hours)

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

This course is designed to simplify the process of writing a terrific lesson plan. Educators will work together to create and execute the perfect lesson plan for your students. Teachers will share ideas and lessons they have previously used and discuss what makes an effective lesson. From the Do Now, to the Procedures, to the use of the standards and expectations, teachers will be armed with the tools to move forward with ease. Lesson plan writing does not have to be difficult; it could be perfect.

Framing the Framework for 21st Century Learning

New Class!

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

3 Credits (45 hours) In-Service Credit Only

East Meadow Location

Summer 2023

Dates: June 26-30th – 8 am- 5pm

Course Description: In a world of constant change, a unified vision of learning is essential, in order to ensure that our students are successful and prepared for the world ahead. Defining and Illustrating the depth of 21st century learning is the crux of this course which deeply delves into 21st century student outcomes and successes. Participants will learn to build on this critical foundation of learning via standards, assessments, curriculum, and instruction, and learn to engage their students more critically and profoundly. A wealth of literacies will be focused on including informational, global, civic, and problem solving, all of which guides our learners and fully prepares them for their future.  *A must for all K-12 educators in all disciplines!!!

Co-teaching Classroom Models and Teacher Strategies

Dates: Summer 2023      July 3rd-7th      8 AM – 5 PM

3 Credits – In service Course (45 Hours)

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

Mt Sinai Congregational Church  

Course Description: 

This course will focus on how with the number of students with learning disabilities on the rise, how a solution had to be found.   As educators, we are confronted with the challenges of educating all students, even the ones with numerous learning delays and/or disabilities. Educators will discuss different ways in which they are required to find lessons in which to meet the needs of all learners. This course will explore co-teaching strategies that will enhance student learning. We will also investigate various learning strategies that meet the needs of students with various learning needs.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12.

Maximizing the Multiculturalism in Your Classroom

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: July 3rd-7th – 8 am-5pm

3 Credits – In-service course (45 Hours)

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

East Meadow Location

Course Description: Engaging our students in all facets of culture is essential to their academic/social growth and mindset. Exploring the traditions of various religions, races, languages, and fully engaging students in inquiry-based curriculum enhances their learning experience. Participants in this course will delve into the passions of diverse learning, exploring the various ways in which students form bonds with other students, accept and validate differences in society, and have a deep tolerance for the world around them. They will utilize various strategies that explore backgrounds, communities, and environments, all of which provide for and maximize the avenues for learning. A wealth of articles, lessons, and assessments will be included. **A must for K-12 educators in all disciplines!!!

The Balanced Classroom

Dates: Summer 2023      July 10th-14th      8 AM – 5 PM

3 Credits – In service Course (45 Hours)

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

Mt Sinai Congregational Church  

Course Description: This course is for those educators who want to balance it all; your teaching and the behavior your students.  We will discuss how to balance teaching such as our policies and penalties for misconduct.  Are we strict?  How do we deal with those students that don’t follow our rules?  Then, how do we balance our teaching?  All educators want to create a classroom that supports positive and comfortable education.  We will discuss strategies for helping our students feel productive and safe in our classrooms every day.  Educators will examine various practices for creating a balanced and positive climate for all students of any age or grade level.

This course is for educators levels K-12 of all subjects.

Battling Boredom and Leveraging Skills to Engage Our Learners

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: July 10-14th – 8 am-5pm

3 Credits – In-Service Course (45 Hours)

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

East Meadow Location

Course Description: Keeping students engaged and invigorated in their learning is the task of all educators far and wide. Offering new and innovative material, deepening students’ skills, and involving them in the learning process are the optimum tools for success. In this course, participants will immerse themselves in the learning process- researching their audience, embracing their students’ worlds, altering their mindsets. They will receive a plethora of information on creating unique lessons, ones that traverse learners’ lives and transcend their mindsets. Boredom shall never occur again at the culmination of the course!

**A must for K-12 educators in all disciplines

Developing Strategic Reading Skills in your Students

Summer 2023     July 17th-21st

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

(3 Credits/45 Hours) in service credit only

Course Description:  This course will focus on how excellent readers often begin to struggle when they enter upper grades.  This course will work with educators to strategically teach your students to read successfully no matter what subject you teach.  We will work on key reading skills and develop active instructional strategies for students in all disciplines.  Educators will work on strategic reading techniques to get your students to read well in all areas of study and understand the importance of text structure, as students move from narrative text to more expository text.  Educators will work on creating text-dependent questions, guided reading strategies and help students with close reading skills.  With reading being such an important skill across all curriculums, students should learn how to achieve and succeed with great strategies.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12.

Emotional Safety – Creating the Optimum Learning Environment for Students

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: July 17th – 21st

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – In-Service Credit – 8 am – 5 pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: In order for true learning to occur, safety must be at the forefront. Ensuring an environment that is emotionally manageable for our learners requires a deep investigation of the ways in which students operate on many levels. This course will provide the opportunities for participants to instruct their students on the ways in which to understand and manage their emotions in order to be successful in every class. Participants will learn the seven strategies in which to manage emotions for their learners, including: identifying and reducing triggers, tuning into physical symptoms, relay your own personal story, engage in positive self-talk, make appropriate choices, look for positive emotions, seek out help whenever possible. In the end, our learners will be able to soar to new heights. **A must for K-12 educators in all disciplines!!

Exploring the World of Homework

(3 credits/45 hours)   in-service credit only

On-Line & In-Person

Summer 2023     July 24th-28th

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

Course Description:  This course will examine the role that homework plays in our school culture.  Homework is extremely important to all students in one aspect or another.  How do we assign effective and appropriate homework?  Ensure students complete it so that coursework can continue in class.  Educators will explore what different research and educators’ tell us about homework and its impact on the overall learning process.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12. (updated course to include Post-Covid thinking and concepts)

Firing the Neurons that Wire our Learners- The Power of Myelination in Student Achievement

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: July 24th-28th

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – In-Service Credit – 8 am – 5pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: It is much more difficult for our brains to unlearn something than to learn something new. Having the capacity to train our brains to make deep connections to learning is the purpose of this course. Participants will understand the factors that shape myelination in children and comprehend how it provides the foundation for brain connectivity and support of emergent cognitive and behavioral functioning. Studying the reasoning behind this neurodevelopment will enable teachers to create comprehensive lessons that support and engage learners from all walks of life. *A must for all K-12 educators and disciplines!!

Positive Classroom Connections

Summer 2023    July 31st-Aug. 4th

Kim Kittredge

3 Credits (45 hours)  In-service course

Mt Sinai Congregational Church 

This course will examine how educators discover and develop positive classroom connections with their students.  Participants will learn effective and strategic teaching methods to transform your classroom into an emotionally connected atmosphere of positivity and learning.  Having a connected classroom is key to uncovering and discovering how positivity builds a perfect foundation in any classroom.  Educators will study strategies for positivity classrooms as well as daily connection skills.  This course is a must for teachers of grades K-12 of all levels.

Making Sense of Learners’ Experiences –Building Upon Past Practices in Pedagogy

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: July 31st-August 4th

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – In-Service Credit – 8 am – 5 pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: Individuals who do the most talking, thinking, reflecting, or moving do the most learning. When learners feel good about what, how, and with whom they learn, they’re more likely to want to do it again. Building upon childhood experiences and engaging our students in relevant, meaningful instruction in all disciplines is crucial. Participants in the course will understand the tools for success that their students need in order to make sense of their learning. They will learn to organize their content, pre-teach, structure their lessons perfectly, develop active participants rather than passive recipients of learning. Classrooms will be completely restructured to meet the needs of their aspiring learners! **A must for K-12 educators!!!

The Power of Language

Summer 2023

Kim Kittredge

3 Credits (45 hours) in-service course

August 7th-11th

This course is designed to show teachers how to use their most powerful tool they have; their words! The use of a teacher’s words brings out the best in children/students.  Educators will learn how to use words effectively and efficiently to deal with just about every situation they can image; whether it be challenging or not.  Participants will learn effective and strategic help children develop proper speech, effective self-control, build their sense of community, and gain academic skills and knowledge.  All this will be done through skillful teacher language and modeling.  Teaching proper communication methods through powerful language techniques will transform your classroom and your students. This course is a must for teachers of grades K-12 of all levels.

Staples of Successful Engagement- Creating the Wow in Instruction

New Class!!

Summer 2023 – Dates: August 7th – 11th

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – In-Service Credit – 8 am-5pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: Engaging students in successful learning is an art. Keeping them directed and focused is contingent on many factors – all of which will be emphasized and articulated in this course. A myriad of content driven essential skills will be covered – including activities as predicting outcomes, empathy cards, affinity diagrams, common likes, as well as a plethora of creative and compelling take homes, all of which the developing individual needs in order to flourish. Students in all disciplines can benefit from the guided focus and essential content within the confines of the class.  **A must for K-12 educators in all disciplines!!!

Putting Children First: Encouraging a Healthy Mindset through Meditation

Summer 2023 

*New Course

Kim Kittredge

3 Credits (45 hours) in-service course

August 14-18

In the world we find ourselves in today, mindfulness and meditative practices are almost a necessity for our students. This course is designed to help teachers by encouraging them to develop a healthy mindset in their students.  Educators will learn strategies for encouraging active mindset and mediation practices in class.  Strategies will be shared to help your students become calmer in the sometimes crazy and stressful day to day of school.  Participants will learn effective and strategic ways to relax students and help them become more mindful.  This course is a must for teachers of grades K-12 of all levels.

Avoid Death by Lecture – Don’t Shy Away from Learning – The Essential Skills of Phenomenal Presentations

New Class!!

Summer 2023August 14th – 18th

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/ 45 Hours) – 8am-5pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: The skills of presentations serve a multitude of purposes within the confines of our classrooms. The art and science of teaching requires a stress-free environment, one in which individuals are calm and comfortable within themselves and can articulate with ease. This course will enable participants to create this environment of presenting with their students. All content areas will be covered in terms of embracing the mindset of learning and the discipline. Strategies include movement trumping sitting, images trumping words, writing trumping reading, remembering the relevance of things. All techniques will be instructed upon and an atmosphere of phenomenal, active approaches will be tackled. **A must for all K-12 Educators!!!

Understanding Diversity and Multiculturalism in Our Schools

*New Course

Instructor: Kim Kittredge

3 Credits – In-service Course (45 Hours)

Dates: August 21st-25th 2023

Course Description:  

This course is designed for educators to examine diversity, multiculturalism, and language obstacles that we find today in our schools.  As many students enter our education systems from foreign countries, many teachers have to be armed with the skills to help them work successfully to meet our education standards.  This course will help teachers learn effective ways to work with, and often learn from, these assimilating students of diverse cultural backgrounds.  Participants will focus on effective strategies to deal with our ever-changing school communities.  Educators will discuss language collaboration, how to plan your curriculum and focus your lessons, and how to successfully promote your lower functioning students due to language or cultural barriers.  Many techniques will be shared on how to educate your multicultural, diverse, classroom, and move these students to the next level.  This course is a must for all educators levels K-12.

Emitting Energy – Green Light Classrooms – Teaching Techniques that Accelerate Learning

New Class

Summer 2023August 21st-25th

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – (8 am – 5 pm)

East Meadow Location

Course Description: Becoming a highly engaging teacher, teeming with innovative ideas and enthralling techniques is what this course is aimed to elaborate. In today’s world of highly engaging technology, kids tend to prioritize the wrong things. This course will instruct educators on the ways in which the adolescent brain functions and the strategies that are required to pave the path for the green light energy. Participants will learn ideas as tapping into students’ emotions, building blocks for effective instruction, making content relevant for students, creating new memory pathways. **A must for K-12 educators!!!

Planning for One’s Future – Creating the Optimum Environment for Our Students” – Career and College Ready

New Course!!

Summer 2023August 28th – Sept. 1st

Instructor: Gayle Meinkes-Lumia –

(3 Credits/45 Hours) – 8 am – 5 pm

East Meadow Location

Course Description: How do Teachers get their students to achieve success? This course will discuss the ins and outs of doing well in school – teachers will learn to build upon students’ natural vibes and create lessons that spark their students’ worlds. Engaging their cognitive brains and their processing skills in order to have them achieve greatness is the task at hand. Strategies as turn and talk, Cornell note taking, audio and videotaping oneself will be addressed. **A must for all educators and disciplines- K- 12!!